There are tons of resources available that will teach you how to make money on the internet. So what? I have written tutorials like that myself. But, perhaps it is easier to demonstrate what to do, with a lesson on what not to do. This article will teach you how to drive visitors away from your website screaming, "Get me out of here!" If you prefer being alone with your website and do not want all those pesky visitors bothering you, then follow the guidelines below and you will get rid of them quick as a blink.
1. Don't state on your website what you do or what you sell. Make it a complete mystery why you decided to build your website in the first place. It is like a secret club -- your visitors are left in the dark. Have you been to sites like this where you show up and think, "What the heck is this site about?" If you are not presenting a clear statement about why your visitors should spend their money (or at least come back again), then you are on your way to hermit-land.
Online investment ideas: Prerequisite for a flourishing investment Most people want financial security for their future, but only few really get it done by taking all the essential measures. What about you? If you are also looking for online investment then stock investing is one of the smartest options you can look for. But to create the best stock portfolio, you need to be aware of the basic things about the stock market and the plans associated with it. You should know how the economy is related to stocks, how to find the best company for buying stocks, and about the best online stock trading companies, etc.
However, with the advent of the Internet, things have become much more easier, as you get an access to an ocean of information. Internet stock trading has given a new meaning to the investors. If you compare the traditional brokerage house with the present stock-investing plan, everything has metamorphosed dynamically to entice a common investor.